The strange times continue. But look at it from a positive perspective: as a florist you handle something beautiful with which you can make people happy: flowers, flowers and more flowers! People need them more than ever. Flowers to give as a gift, but also flowers to brighten their homes. Keep telling people about the power of flowers, and show what’s possible. Now that spring is on its way you can start making radiant spring bouquets again: colourful and spring sweet. Spring flowers also symbolise a new fresh start. How great is that? Spring – Spring – let it roll!

‘Scent gives

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Become a fragrance expert as well!

Spring guarantees an abundance of floral scents, from spring fresh to the spring sweet. Immerse yourself in the world of floral scents so that you can create bouquets with added value as a fragrance expert!

Personal bouquet

Memories are triggered by smelling a floral scent from the past. Florist Judith Ebbers asked her customers to write a happy fragrance memory on a card and hang it on the tree. Why not ask your customers about their floral scent memories? If you have the flowers they mention available, you can use them to create a personal scent bouquet. Talk about this in the newsletter. Another fun tip… ask your customers about their floral scent memories through your social media channels.

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Positive mood

It’s a scientific fact: scents have a positive effect on the brain. Gosh, how lovely – a bunch of spring flowers. Regardless of whether the scents evoke nostalgic memories or just allow you to achieve total calm, everyone could do with a sizeable dose of positive energy right now. So tell your customers about the happiness hormone (endorphin) that is released by the fresh scents of spring flowers.

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spring flowers

Organise your own Scent of Spring weeks

Inhaling spring scents is the perfect way to leave the winter behind. From soft sweet Viburnum opulus to intensely fragranced hyacinth: pure spring joy. As a florist you can engage with this in your own way. Invite your customers: Spring starts here!

Draw your customers’ attention to the scented spring range, and organise activities that focus on scented spring flowers. In-store or online: you can seduce every customer with fragrance.


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Spring starts here

With good preparation it is very easy to tempt your customers. That is why we have created a download with sparkling spring content for you.

  • 2 spring posters (A4)
  • 18 fabulous photos of bouquets and spring flowers
  • 6 seductive posts about scented flowers for your social media
  • 3 social media posts all about love and for all (grand)mothers
  • 3 most popular scented bouquets
  • cheerful POS material for the ‘Scent of Spring weeks’.


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Flower of the season

Ode to the hyacinth

When you smell hyacinths, you know that spring has arrived!


The colour blue makes you happy. Think of an azure blue sky that gives you an instant feeling of freedom.

Combine the most beautiful shades of blue in a fresh and radiant spring bouquet. That has to include hyacinths, not least for the scent. Wrap a bouquet of spring flowers in appropriate packaging. A very tempting spring gift!

Fragrance necklace

Make a necklace from a pure white hyacinth flowers in order to welcome spring. Thread the loose flowers, also called claws, on thin silver wire; they seem to have been made for it. The floral fragrance is an added bonus. You can make the floral necklace from hyacinths that have bloomed that you can no longer sell. No waste!

White symbolises fresh, clean and pure, but also represents radiant sunlight. It’s wonderful that the days are now getting longer again!


The more you know about hyacinths, the more you can sell. Talk about the cultivation and the care (don’t trim!), and above all allow the customer to smell the flower. Sold!

From the Dutch Bollenstreek bulb region

The Hyacinth is traditionally associated with the Bollenstreek, Holland’s bulb-growing region, where both bulb growers and bulb forcers can be found. Hyacinths thrive in the climate in this region – close to the sea – and on the local sandy soil. The bulbs are cultivated with care in order to be sold as a flower bulb, but also for the production of cut hyacinths. As a florist, they offer you a host of options.

Forcing and growing

Hyacinths are grown outdoors in the soil; all the focus there is on growing a strong crop. After three or four years the bulbs are big enough to produce a good flower. At that point they go to be forced, whereby winter is simulated in a cold store. The bulbs are then brought into bloom in a warm greenhouse.

Scent palette

The Hyacinth’s classic colours – white, pink and blue – offer timeless beauty. But if you’d like something different for a change, you can opt for hyacinths in beautiful soft pastel shades or very bright purple. With all those different colours you could almost forget that there are also different scents. Use white hyacinths for a light fresh fragrance, and blue for an intense sweet scent.

Hyacinth determines the height

The flowers last a long time in a cool spot well away from the fruit bowl. Replacing the vase water every couple of days is also a good idea. Because you should not trim a hyacinth, it is a dominating flower: it determines the height of your bouquet. The hyacinth also has an inconveniently thick stem. But with some creativity – which you as a florist have – you still have a host of options. And you get so much in return: hyacinths mark the start of spring, even if it’s still cold and dark outside!

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“Do not trim the hyacinth’s stem. The piece of bulb (at the bottom of the stem) ensures that you can enjoy the colour and fragrance for longer. Happy Hyacinth!”
John van der Slot – hyacinth grower

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Global trade: it’s always
peony season somewhere!

They’re here already: Peonies

From Valentine’s Day to a spring wedding: celebrate love with peonies! Thanks to growers around the world you can get to work with them now. What a display…

Peonies are already available during the winter thanks to the growers in the southern hemisphere. In countries such as Chile and New Zealand the seasons are precisely the opposite of those in the northern hemisphere. Soon after come the peonies from Israel, where the consistent climate is perfect for growing these beauties. That means that you can get to work with peonies as early as February.

From the greenhouse or the field

The first peonies that arrive from Israel in early spring have been grown in greenhouses. They’re followed by the Israeli outdoor peonies. At almost the same time the first peonies arrived from France (from the greenhouse), followed by the French outdoor peonies and the first Dutch specimens. Here too, they come first from the greenhouse and then from the field. Peak peony season is from the end of May to mid-June, when the Dutch growers harvest a profusion of outdoor peonies.

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