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Go all out with summer flowers!

Not much going in in your shop? Well, don’t just sit around. Summer is the season to be extravagant.
There are so many summer flowers available: do something with them!

5 ways to celebrate summer in your shop

1. A summer holiday bouquet for every week

Introduce a new bouquet inspired by a holiday destination every week. Get your team together and decide on which flowers and/or style would best suggest each holiday destination. What about sunflowers for France, blue flowers for the Mediterranean, and cottage garden flowers for England? These ideas will take you right into autumn!

2. Fill the vase again and again...

Buy identical vases, fill them with a summer bouquet, and create a separate display with them. Customers who buy these vases get a special deal: when they bring the vase back for a refill, they pay a fixed price. You could also offer this as a ‘fill-the-vase’ subscription.

3. Any events in your area? Be there!

From a mud race to a summer festival: pick up on events going on in your vicinity with a special offer or competition and appropriate bouquets. The winners of a mud race, for example, could be given bold bouquets containing sunflowers, gladioli or foxtail lilies.

4. Create a square metre cutting garden

Use wooden boards or pallets to make a one-square-metre container. Inside it, place vases filled with informally arranged cottage garden flowers to make it look like a cutting garden. Let customers – for a fixed price – pick a certain number of flowers, for example fifteen. Place a sample bouquet nearby and/or help customers select their flowers. A great idea for a display in front of your shop to encourage impulse purchases and to create a cheerful and dynamic look.

5. Download & share the summer

Not much going in in your shop? If so, devote extra attention to presentation (shop window), promotion (newsletter) and product information (useful facts about the flowers). Here you will find many beautiful pictures of summer flowers (download for free) and on the website you can read all kinds of interesting stories and fun facts. These are easy ways to celebrate and share the summer with your customers!


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