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Celebrate the spring with tantalizing spring fragrances in your shop. From sweet to spicy. Be inspired by your fellow florists and their activities!

5 fragrance presentation tips from florists

1. Turn your counter into a scent bar

    A row of vases with fragrant spring flowers is enough to introduce your customers to the different spring aromas. If you really want to do more, you can organise a scent week including scent tastings. Several florists tested this ‘scent tasting’ concept in store last year. To make it easy for yourself you can download the instruction guide here.

    2. Personal memories

    Let customers write their own fragrance memories on a card: “The smell of… reminds me of …”. The cards can then be hung on a tree or branch. Help the customer out with questions such as: What does the aroma of lily of the valley/ hyacinth / lilac make you think about? The Bloemenvink had a lot of success with this last year.


    3. Just browsing

    Guess the flower! Dream Flowers and Iris florist both had scent boxes in their shop. Guessing the right smell is harder than you think. You can also include photo cards of the flowers for customers to choose from.

    4. Spring garden

    At Iris florists, customers could put their own spring fragrance bouquet together for a fixed price. Picking your own flowers naturally gives you that ultimate spring feeling! Make of use of the fragrant spring flowers list.

    5. Go outside!

    Make your customers aware of in store fragrant activities. Free digital promotional material is available for you in our shop

    With special thanks for the efforts of these enthusiastic entrepreneurs: De Bloemenvink, Dream Flowers, Alpina, De Iris, Fleurettes, About Flowers, Bloemsierkunst Markerink, Jasmijn Bloemen en Planten, De Oude Proeftuin and Rosenblatt in association with Van der Plas/Breedijk.


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