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Get to work with Amaryllis!

Once again it’s time for Amaryllis, the seasonal must-have. Highlight this beauty even more with this Amaryllis template to decorate your window in a trice! You can turn your shopfront into a stylish attention-grabber in 3 simple steps. And of course you can also use it to create a star window at home!

Step 1

Stick the template on the outside of the window with adhesive tape. Make sure that the sheet is nice and tight on the glass. Tip: masking tape or washi tape are easy to remove.

Step 2

Make sure that the window is clean and dry on the inside. Trace the design on the inside of the window with a white pen suitable for glass, such as a paint marker or chalk marker. Tip: the pens are available in many different colours, so you could also make your amaryllis pink or red!


Step 3

Check that you’ve copied all the lines, and allow your drawing to dry. Remove the template from the outside, and enjoy the finished product!


Photos and beautiful posters.


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