Floral chandelier

Floral chandelier

The Blended Cultures flower trend involves mixing eras and cultures. ‘Colourful’ and ‘folklore’ are the key terms for this cheerful trend. This floral chandelier is not only 100% Blended Cultures, but also fits well with the trend for getting flowers to float. Think of the ‘floral clouds’ over dinner tables at beautifully styled wedding venues that spread around the world via social media. They are therefore also very Instagrammable. Be inspired by both trends and try various options using fresh flowers, dried flowers and a mixture of the two. Get to work – and always look up!

How to make

From top to bottom: 2 rings with raffia (bundled in brushes), flowers in oasis: Sweet William, Solidago, Freesia, Stock, Leucocoryne, Prunus and Forsythia.


Create this floral chandelier on location. Then you can hang the rings with the bundles of raffia over the floral arrangement straightaway. If you do it later, you could damage the flowers.

Flower list:

  • Forsythia
  • Freesia
  • Leucocoryne
  • Prunus
  • Solidago
  • Stock (Matthiola)
  • Sweet William


  • 2 rings with raffia (bundled in brushes)
  • oasis

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