Peonies as dried flowers

Peonies make easy dried flowers. Their dried version has a very different look: bold and fragile at the same time. And this offers new opportunities for using them.

Drying peonies for beginners

Place the Peonies on a piece of chicken wire so that they are no longer touching the surface beneath. The location itself should receive wind or be well ventilated. If this is a sunny location, the colours of the flowers will fade more.

And for those with more experience

Did your first attempts make you want to do more? Then buy a (second hand) drying oven. This makes it quick and easy to dry all kinds of flowers. Flowers dried in a drying oven also retain their colours better. And, due to the quick drying, you’ll also have fewer problems with mites.

Storing dried flowers

To prevent bugs, store your dried flowers with a few drops of essential patchouli oil.


Tip! Try drying other voluminous flowers, too. Better still: try drying all of your excess flowers to see which kinds of flowers dry best.

Tip! Create bouquets of dried flowers (in winter) or combine fresh with dried flowers. These arrangements are definitely on-trend these days!

Tip! Display a few dried flowers behind glass. What about a test tube, a glass vase or under a bell jar? This turns dried flowers into real eye-catchers.

Flower list:

  • Peonies

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