Table decoration kit

All the ingredients for a festively decorated table together in one beautiful box. That enables you to make things very easy for your customers to get utterly festive this Christmas!

The table decoration kit is easy to make. But you do need to start the preparation well in advance. First place a dining table in the shop. Lay it as if guests could arrive at any moment. Then decorate the table with flowers: make bunches of Hyacinth and Veronica and place them in glass bottles or vases. Write name cards and tie them to the vases with string. Also fill small low vases with white ranunculus. Decorate the rest of the table with grey/green foliage.

To order

Make it clear to customers that they can order a table decoration kit in order to create the same mood in their own home. The table decoration kit contains everything they need (apart from china and cutlery). Don’t forget to ask how many people they are expecting to ensure the right number of vases and name cards. As soon as the orders are in, you can prepare the customised kits – without flowers! Customers can collect their orders shortly before the holidays; add the flowers at the last minute.


The table decoration kit is inspired by the book  ’22 out of the vase ideas to increase global consumption of cut flowers’ from the Israeli growers collective [Aviv Flowers]. You can browse the book here.

Flower list:

  • Eucalyptus (dyed)
  • Hyacint
  • Hyacinthus
  • Ranunculus
  • Senecio cineraria ‘Star Dust’
  • Veronica

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