Beautiful magnolia

In springtime, the sweetest flowers unfold from these robust branches. White or sometimes with a hint of pink. Magnolias are delicate and strong at the same time.

There are many different varieties of magnolias. They originate from North America and parts of Asia. Growers who cultivate the magnolia as fresh cut shrub require a lot of patience. It can be years before the branches reach the right height. The magnolia is also referred to as the tulip tree, because of its tulip-like flowers. This can be misleading, as the real tulip tree is the much larger Liriodendron tulipifera.

From bud to bloom

You sometimes need patience before the flower buds open, but that’s okay. It is beautiful to witness the slow blooming of the magnolia… moreover, the whimsical branches are also very decorative. Try a robust vase with magnolias in an outside display or window to tempt passers-by; come in, spring has begun in here!

In the vase

Magnolias have a limited availability from January to March. The flower buds open beautifully if you follow the usual care tips for woody plants. Snip the branches with a sharp, clean tool and place in water. Use cut flower feed suitable for shrubs or lilacs (Syringa

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