Blog: Everything about narcissus

Narcissus truly is spring through and through. Enjoy the different colours, shapes and smells. So much variety! You’ll never get bored.

In the field

Each spring the bulb fields turn bright yellow, white and orange once again. Narcissus as far as the eye can see and it never fails to amaze, according to Cees Immerzeel, who has been growing narcissus for 30 years. Read the growers full story.

Favourite flower: Narcissus!

“I think the narcissus is such a happy, unique flower” says floral stylist Elize Eveleens. “Narcissus are not available all year round and hopefully it will stay that way. When I see my first narcissus, it makes me very happy. I also love the unique shape of the flowers and the scent – which is less well-known.”


– Store narcissus in a cool dry place (preferably in cold storage at 2C). Put them upright to prevent the stems from bending.

– The stems of the narcissus naturally produce slime, which may affect other flowers. Read more about how to use narcissus in a spring bouquet with no problems.

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