Blue, bluer, bluest

Blue flowers are always special. Enjoy the fascinating tones of Oxypetalum, cornflower and love-in-a-mist (Nigella)!

Nigella: blue with a collar

Nigella is an annually flowering plant that blooms in the middle of summer with bright flowers in a collar of fine green branches. The blue varieties are divine!

Nigella belongs to the buttercup family (Ranuculaceae). The flower symbolises confusion… as well as the flowers, the seedpods are very decorative. They can also be dried.


Place a few nigella’s in glass vases to emphasize their exquisite beauty.

Oxypetalum coeruleum: Sky blue

Oxypetalum coeruleum is also known as Tweedia. It’s all about the remarkable colour!

Stunningly blue. The sky blue flowers make Oxypetalum unmissable. This climber with South American roots needs support during cultivation. But luckily Oxypetalum’s stems are sturdy enough to be able to use the flower as a cut flower.

Cornflowers: lovely and rural

Cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) used to paint the corn fields blue. This is where the flower gets its name from.

As well as the familiar blue cornflower, there are also white, pink and dark purple varieties. For a beautiful rural effect you can combine these colours with other flowers like daisies and poppies.

Fun fact!

Cornflowers attract a lot of attention from bees and other insects. The wide open, blue flower petals are a welcome sign saying ‘this way!’

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