Bouvardia: fresh & festive

White, pink, red and bicoloured: all Bouvardias are equally fresh and lush. Bouvardia also symbolises enthusiasm. Combined Bouvardias with other radiant flowers and the party can get started! Two growers talk about cultivating Bouvardias. With care tips!

New cuttings

Lies van Wijk specialises in the ‘heart-branch cultivation’ of Bouvardia. “After 10 weeks we harvest one long Bouvardia branch from each planted cutting. Most are 70 cm long. When a section has been completely harvested, we plant new cuttings. This cultivation method means that we can grow similar quantities of Bouvardia throughout the year. We harvest 52 weeks a year, six days a week.”


Lies’s tip: “Bouvardia needs a lot of water, both in the greenhouse and in the vase!”


Little presents

Jaap Vreeken grows Bouvardia on bushes: “The bush is the Bouvardia’s natural growth habit, so that we can optimally exploit Bouvardia’s natural qualities. Large umbels appear on the woody stems, and soon show their colour. Bouvardia’s buds are square – you don’t see that on any other flower. They’re like little presents as they open one by one.”


Jaap’s tip: “Don’t forget to add cut flower food to the vase water in order to enjoy Bouvardia for a long time.”


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