Euphorbia: Colourful sea of blooms

Feel like growing!

“It’s always a great moment to walk into the greenhouse in the morning after the plants have been watered”, says Euphorbia grower Johan Vellekoop. “Everything’s so bright and fresh. If the sun shines, you can just see that the plants feel like growing.” Sculpting “I like old-fashioned cultivation”, explains Johan Vellekoop. “You really have to sculpt the Euphorbia together i.e. keep a close watch on how it’s growing, and water and top it at the right time.”

Colour, colour and even more colour

“Euphorbia greenhouses are reminiscent of bulb fields”, says Piet van Delft, who grows Euphorbia and then Eupatorium. “All those different colours side by side. That looks really fresh and cheerful, especially in the mornings.”

Exciting cuttings

“Euphorbia’s are not easy to take cuttings from”, explains Euphorbia cultivator Piet van Delft. “No activity at al can be discerned for the first two weeks. That makes it really exciting whether the cuttings are going to send out roots or not…”

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