Gladiolus: pure power

From creamy white to deep purple and from lime green to flame red – the colour palette offered by gladioli is remarkably versatile.

The gladiolus is truly impressive to behold. The flowers can be up to one and a half metres in length. Their elongated shape and the wide variety of colours make gladioli the perfect choice for large-scale flower arrangements, be they for businesses, parties or festivals. The gladiolus is also a real eye-catcher in summer bouquets. Why not try filling a large vase with gladioli in one shade or even in a colourful mix? This definitely brings out the best of this truly powerful flower

Symbol of pride

The gladiolus is a bulbous plant. In Latin, its name means ‘little sword’ reflecting the sword-shaped foliage. Also known as the sword lily, the gladiolus is a symbol of power, triumph and pride. This symbolism dates back to Roman times, when the winner of a gladiatorial battle would be covered with gladioli. The Gladiolus is a symbol of pride and enchanting beauty. Whether it is used in volume or quite simply , it always radiates a feeling of friendship and sympathy. Its enchanting body symbolises pride, in fact the whole flower exudes charm and is guaranteed to brighten any environment.

Did you know …

The Gladiolus has been a symbol of strength and victory since Roman times. That makes it the ideal flower for rewarding (sporting) achievements.
Gladioli grow best in fresh soil (in which gladioli have not previously been grown). So you will never see gladioli growing in the same field for years on end.


Gladioli are undemanding flowers. All they need is a clean vase and clean water. Cut-flower food for bulbous flowers will keep the water clean for longer and will ensure that the flowers open properly. Gladioli will tolerate being out of water for a short time and their stems will then dry out a little at the tips. If this is the case, cut off 3 to 5 cm from the stems using a sharp pair of secateurs or a sharp knife. Remove any excess foliage that might be below the water level and make sure your customers do the same when they get them home. That way they can enjoy their gladioli for even longer.

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