Happy Hyacint

Of all the bulb flowers, the hyacinth is the most colourful. Combine the somewhat stiff hyacinth with more frivolous spring flowers and you capture the true feeling of spring. The sweet scent of the hyacinth makes this spring feeling complete.

Mythological spring

The hyacinth (Hyacinthus) originates from the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The name Hyacinthus is derived from Hyakinthos, a figure in Greek mythology. Hyakinthos was loved by Apollo and accidentally killed. From the blood, Apollo grew a flower and named this after his lover.

Sweet Beauty

Hyacinths are available from November to May. With a blue hyacinth you can say ‘forgive me please’, while a white one symbolises beauty. Other symbolic meanings include peace, devotion, beauty, power and pride.

Health tips

Do not cut off the ‘white’ bit from the bottom of the stem. The flower will then absorb more water and smell stronger. Place the flowers in clean water with cut flower feed. Top up the water regularly. Do not place hyacinths in direct sunlight or above a radiator. The cooler the spot, the longer they keep.

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