Hyacinth: so many colours and fragrances

Van Noort Hyacinten specialises in forcing hyacinths: from bulb to cut flower. Frank and Ruud van Noort run the forcing nursery together with their mother Fieke. The division of responsibilities is clear: Ruud and Fieke deal with the work in the greenhouse, including the harvesting of the cut flowers. Frank mainly works in the shed where the hyacinths are prepared for auction. “That means we can keep a close eye on the quality throughout,” explains Frank.

Nice and fresh

The hyacinths at Van Noort Hyacinten are increasingly placed in containers filled with water (instead of soil). “It’s nice and clean working that way,” explains Frank. “Not every variety is suited to being forced on water. We’re figuring out which varieties are suitable. The end-result is the same.”

Good eye needed! “We see when the hyacinths are the right length,” says Frank van Noort. When the flowers are prepared for auction in the shed, the bulb is partly removed. The lifespan is better if part of the bulb is left on the stem.

The hyacinth breeders are always looking for new, unusual varieties. “We want to offer the best palette of colours,” says Frank van Noort. “We also consider the fragrance. It’s surprising how many different fragrances there are. We prefer sweet-scented hyacinths.”

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