“In all kinds of weather – I wouldn’t want it any other way”

The first gladioli bulbs were planted back in February. After that it goes quiet for a while at Job Pennings’ nursery in Noordwijk. Things really get busy from the end of June, when it’s harvest, harvest, harvest until November. A few flowers are still standing scattered in the field. It’s not the intention, but it does look summery. “We have gladioli in every colour,” says Job Pennings. “I always try out some new varieties as well. I think the very dark colours are fantastic.”

“We harvest the gladioli and put them into bunches straightaway.” Job works with a permanent group of workers who know how to graft.  But there’s time for a coffee break during the work – the dinner truck goes with them! In the summer we’re all out the fields early to harvest,” explains Job Pennings. “I think that’s a great moment in the day, but I also enjoy it when we head for the shed with a cart full of beautiful heavy flowers.” 

Veronicastrum is a perennial plant. “If you look in the soil in the autumn, you can see the new shoots in place already. They will grow into flowers next year.” Veronicastrum is a new product at Job Pennings’ seasonal flower nursery. “I think it’s a lovely flower – it looks good in bouquets and has a very long vase life.”

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