Nerine: fairy-tale beauty

A ‘forgotten’ flower that is just waiting to be rediscovered, the Nerine is as pretty as a picture and really robust.

Bulbous flower with dazzling flowers

The Nerine is an inconspicuous bulbous flower that is sold without foliage. The bulbs are planted in spring. Come Autumn time, when all the other summer flowers are past their best, the Nerine blooms with dazzling, characteristic flowers. The decoratively curled petals are particularly attractive. Pink Nerines are the best known kind, but you can also get them  in white, orange and even red. The Nerine is a symbol of  happiness, comfort and affection. It connects people and is  perfect for adding that extra touch  to floral arrangements, especially in bridal bouquets. The Nerine is also wonderful on its own , for example in a collection of glass vases.

Fifty sea nymphs

The Nerine originally comes from South Africa. It is said to have reached Europe when a Nerine was washed up on the island of Guernsey, which is  why it  is sometimes known as the Guernsey lily. The story behind the name has even more of a fairy-tale feel about it. The Nerine is said to be named after the fifty beautiful daughters of the old sea god Nereus, who were also known as sea nymphs, or Nereids.


The Nerine is a robust and undemanding flower. When buying them, always make sure that at least one bud is about to open. Always re-cut  the stems and put the flowers in clean water with cut-flower food. These summer flowers have a longer vase life if you keep them  in partial shade.

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