Ornamental grasses and berries: truly autumn!

When the end of summer approaches, nature shows its most exuberant side. So many different colours and shapes… There is no end to it! At this time of the year, there is an abundant supply of grasses and berries. The abundance of nature is overwhelming.
Grasses are always in motion; they are fascinating to watch. They bob and dance in the wind. Used in flower arrangements, grasses bring a natural dynamic. Berries on long branches, such as rose hips, create the same dynamic effect. Morever, the assortment of grasses and berries is extremely colourful: from warm yellow ochres to intense deep reds. Seeing these magnificent colours, it is not difficult to take leave of the summer!

Many relatives

Most ornamental grasses belong to the extensive grass family, which also includes lawn grasses and cereals. Famous ornamental grasses are Miscanthus (Chinese silver grass), Panicum (millet), Pennisetum (tall tails) and Molinia (purple moor grass).
Berries are fruits concealing seeds. There are many plants with decorative berries, for example Euonymus (Emerald’n’Gold), Hypericum (St John’s wort), Ilex (holly), Rosa (rose hip), Rubus fruticosus (wild blackberry), Symphoricarpos (snowberry) and Viburnum opulus (snowball).

Care tips for grasses and berries

Ornamental grasses and berries are available throughout the year, but the product range is usually most varied from August to late November. For bouquets with grasses and berries the usual care tips apply: cut off a section of the stems, remove the lower foliage (and berries) and place the stems in clean water with cut-flower food.

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