Ranunculus: truly spring!

It is almost impossible to believe that such a small bud can develop into such an imposing spring flower. Ranunculus never ceases to amaze.

White, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple… If you are looking to celebrate spring, Ranunculus is the way to go. The attractive flower continues to grow in the vase, emphasizing the spirit of spring. Ranunculus looks fantastic in field flower arrangements with the likes of  Anemone, Astrantia, Phlox or Antirrhinum.


Ranunculus is a perennial and grows from quirkily shaped tubers, sometimes called claws. The official name Ranunculus is the Latin word for frog. Not really surprising, considering that the flower occurs naturally in boggy ground. Ranunculus symbolises charm. In the Victorian era a bunch of Ranunculus sent the message: ‘I think you have many attractions’.


Handle with care! This certainly applies to Ranunculus. Remove the wrapper (this will keep the leaves looking good longer) and stand the flowers upright in fresh water containing cut flower food for bulbs. Your  customer will get the maximum enjoyment from the flowers by slant cutting a piece off the stems and standing them in a clean vase of fresh water with cut flower food for bulbs. The water should not be too deep as this is bad for their hairy stems. Ranunculus is a greedy flower and the vase should be topped up regularly with fresh water. The flowers will keep their looks longest in a cool, draught-free environment.

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