Seductive lanterns

Physalis alkekengi is mainly known as the lantern plant. It is a perennial and a
member of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). The name Physalis means bladder-
shaped, which refers to the lantern-shaped chalice containing a berry. The actual
flowers are white and pretty insignificant, but the orange lanterns are irresistible!

Nice and wild

The Physalis plant is prone to running wild; its root system goes everywhere. As a cut
flower, Physalis is very suitable for adding a touch of wildness to a bouquet.

Availability & Care

Physalis is available from early August to late October both with and without leaf, and
as individual lanterns. The usual care tips apply to Physalis: cut off the tip of the stem,
if necessary, trim off some leaves and put the flowers in clean water with floral
preservative. The lanterns are also easy to dry.

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