Sweet & stimulating

He handles different flowers every season. Marco Bosland is a seasonal flower grower through and through. The year always starts with viburnum. That’s rapidly followed by two flowering shrubs: first Deutzia and then mock orange (Philadelphus).

Movable greenhouse on top

Deutzia and Philadelphus spend almost all year in the open air. “In early spring we roll the movable greenhouse over the top,” says Marco. “The warmth in the greenhouse allows us to speed up flowering a little. The greenhouse also protects plants from wind and rain.” Deutzia and Philadelphus both flower with small white flowers, but the Philadelphus flowers are also scented. “When we’ve harvested, there are always a couple of buds left on the crop. If you walk through it, you can smell the sweet fragrance.”


“In the summer we’re very busy weeding. It’s not the most enjoyable work, but it has to be done,” explains the seasonal flower grower. “ The nice thing about this time of year is that the crops are growing vigorously: sometimes at a rate of 15 centimetres a week.”

“On busy days, I’m in the fields at six in the morning. It’s nice and peaceful them; all you can hear is the birds singing.”

The cycle of life: after harvesting, new stems develop which can be harvested again in the next spring.

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