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A new season is arriving. As a florist you can look forward to a rich harvest of seasonal flowers once again. From Asclepias to Ilex, from Scadoxus to Dahlia: what an abundance of shapes and colours! You’re itching to get to work with them …

Recent times have shown more than ever that flowers connect people. This magazine is therefore all about giving and sharing. After all, autumn offers plenty of opportunities to surprise the people you love with a remarkable bouquet. So inspire your customers with your loveliest combinations – this magazine is packed with atmospheric ideas.

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The joy of
autumn lies in
the abundance
of colours


Tea or cake - what will you be
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Hello autumn!

Flower of the season .

& hips

The berry season is starting … Such a variety of colours and shapes; you will covet them all – and so will your customers!

From the field

It’s always a great moment for the growers when they can harvest branches full of berries and hips again. It means that the bees have done their good work, because without bees there would be no berries and hips! Bees ensure the pollination of the flowers in spring and summer so that they grow into fruit. When the shrubs are flowering, the fields are abuzz. Berries and hips are grown sustainably, with respect for people and the environment. That makes these seasonal products even more lovely.

Indian summer

As summer transitions into an Indian summer, more and more beautiful berries arrive from the field. From Ilex to Symphoricarpos, from Callicarpa to Euonymus. There are also plenty of rosehips. So much choice – that should keep you going until winter!

Mix & match

From a compact wreath to an extravagant field bouquet: you can use berries and hips in a host of ways. For example, combine them with colourful seasonal flowers in a field bouquet. Or allow them to shine in a vase on their own. Always handle berries and hips with love: carefully disentangle the branches and make sure that vases and water are clean. Food in the water will allow you to enjoy them for even longer.

Family time

Also try highlighting an unusual family of berries, such as the spindle tree family (Celatraceae). The Oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) and the spindle tree (Euonymus) are both members of this family. They stand out because of their bicoloured berries in vivid colour combinations. The Oriental bittersweet is a climber of which the female plant produces clusters of orange fruit. When these open, the red seeds become visible. The spindle tree grows as a shrub. The fruit come in various colour combinations, such as candy pink and orange and pink and scarlet.




Vaccinium vitis-idaea




Diplocyclos palmatus






Kardinaalsmuts (Euonymus)

They’re back!

You have a host of options with rosehips. You could easily devote an entire themed week to them: ‘Rosehips – they’re back!’. Rosehip breeders have created a wonderfully diverse range of (thornless) rosehips. The growing demand for field bouquets has also led to a new rosehip cultivar with small red hips and longer straight branches.

To find out how rosehips are grown, follow these enthusiastic growers on Instagram:

5 tips to really celebrate the berry season


Organise a special day or week to officially launch the season.


Highlight a different berry every day on Instagram or Facebook: #berryparade.


Place an XXL bouquet in the window and display smaller bouquets and loose branches in the shop.


Have cards printed with attractive berry images to accompany your bouquets.


Start making plans already to highlight another seasonal flower.



Share autumn’s generosity!

Let your customers enjoy all the beauty that autumn has to offer. We have prepared stunning images and inspiring stories for you. All you have to do is download them and post them on your own social media.

Tip from the grower .

“Ilex only flowers once every two years. In one year the plants grow, in the next they produce flowers and berries.”

John en Jolanda Brummans 
– cuttings shrub growers

seasonal inspiration .

Flowers in the (home) office will make you both happy and productive!

How it works .

Asclepias, a flower with a story

Flowers make you happy – that’s one thing we’ve discovered over the past year. With seasonal flowers you constantly have a new source of joy in your shop. Today it’s Asclepias!

Asclepias is an exclusive crop that demands a lot of skill from the grower. But it’s worth it. Surprise your customers with the different varieties, like Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly weed) and Asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed). The flowers stand out because of their folded-back crowns. Asclepias physocarpa is an exception: this variety is grown for its bright green fruit. These look stunning in Indian summer bouquets, but also solo in a vase.


An unusual flower like Asclepias offers lots of opportunities for storytelling. For example, tell your customers about the name and origin. Asclepias is named after Asclepius, the god of medicine, because of this plant’s healing properties. Asclepias originates from America. There are also some species which are native to Africa.


7 flowers that you want
to work with right now

florist promotion .

Celebrating = connecting

Late summer and autumn offer lots of sales opportunities. Use the season’s flowers, berries and hips. What riches to share!

Riches: all those seasonal stunners

All seasonal products deserve to be in the spotlight … The choice is yours! Even more fun: work as a team to draw up a list of seasonal stunners that can take it in turn to shine on the shop floor. Here are three ideas as inspiration: stage a Dahlia festival, organise a berry and hip week, and put together a stunning late summer and autumn collection. Spotlight please!

Late summer and autumn offer lots of sales opportunities. Use the season’s flowers, berries and hips. What riches to share!

Riches: neighbours, friends & family

Neighbours who are there for you, friends who care about you, family that you love – they’re all things to be grateful for. Celebrate this wealth by displaying double bouquets: flowers for yourself and a bouquet for someone else. And don’t forget Flowers for Neighbours and Grandparents’ Day!

Autumn starts here

With good preparation it’s very easy to tempt your customers. That is why we’ve put together a download with sparkling autumn content for you.

  • 1 autumn poster (A4)
  • 20 fabulous images of bouquets and special flowers
  • A fun animation around the theme of Flowers for Neighbours
  • Celebrate the berry and hip seasonal stunners with POS material for your social media

Join in and work with autumn in your shop and webshop!


Thank you bouquets

Dear neighbours and grandparents, these are for you!
And don’t forget Halloween! A special day for meeting up with people.

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