365 days of flowers promotes special flowers in the seasons in various European countries. This is what we do.

Inspiration, information and activation in four European countries with these means of communication we reach our target group:

  • 4x a year seasonal magazine
  • 2x a year theme magazine (print)
  • 365 days a year social media
  • Activation programs for shop floor and webshop

The campaign wants to get the special flowers from the available offer of 365 days flower growers on the shopping list of the florist, the garden center and other points of sale. Through inspiration, information and activation in four European countries: the Netherlands, Germany, France and England.

2,000 growers make the promotion campaign 365 days of flowers possible. They grow more than 132 different flowers in more than 15 countries and trade them through Royal FloraHolland. This way you can benefit from a diversity of special flowers every day.